Divine Appointment at Abortion Clinic….from 40 Days for Life

wow……When God’s people pray…..God moves!  A divine appointment for a 40 Days for Life prayer volunteer  in front of a clinic!

From 40 Days for LIFE:

“If you’ve followed these reports, you may remember reading about Erin, the “wrong number” woman from Indianapolis. To quickly recap, Erin had scheduled an abortion last spring. She called to confirm her appointment — or so she thought. But she didn’t reach Planned Parenthood. The phone that rang belonged to a 40 Days for Life volunteer who was praying outside the abortion center! To make a long story short, Erin canceled her abortion and her daughter was born just a few days before this campaign started. This is Elena, Erin’s baby:

But there’s more! Prayer volunteers recently met Lori, who had driven four hours from Kentucky for a counseling session — the first step in the abortion process. The vigil participants quickly got in touch with Elizabeth, the pro-life counselor who had helped Erin. Elizabeth learned that Lori had a small child … and was still suffering from a previous abortion. Lori appreciated the offers of help, but still had doubts about keeping her baby. So Elizabeth called Erin! “Erin helped Lori to have the courage to trust God and choose life for her unborn baby,” said Eileen in Indianapolis. “Erin was pleased to be able to help someone else.” Please pray for Erin, Lori and all those who are tempted to “choose” abortion.”

In Christ’s love,



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