Doctor Charged in Newborns’ Killings

A doctor in Philadelphia has been charged for murder in 7 newborns’ deaths and for a woman’s death in an abortion gone wrong.  The details are gruesome in the deaths of the newborns and I still cannot wrap my mind around how abortion is deemed a routine procedure when the same gruesome act is performed inside a woman’s body rather than outside her body.  How does a layer a skin deem this procedure a right.  I know I am speaking to the choir here, but it is so illogical that it is emabarassing. It is illogical that those who protest for ‘progress’ would embrace such a barbaric practice. 

This doctor also preyed on minority families who paid on a sliding scale. Unfortunately for these families, it cost much more than they could ever imagine. My prayer for the mothers of these babies is that they did not hear or see this atrocity done to their children.

My prayer for all of us: “God, open our eyes to see our infinite value and worth!  We are made in your image, we are Your creation!  We are loved by the One whom opinion matters the most!  Let us be rooted and grounded in Your love for us!  Give us wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You!”   When we know our value, we will not harm our offspring!

Read full story from The New York Times  –

Doctor Charged in Newborns’ Killings – By TIMOTHY WILLIAMS Published: January 19, 2011 

A 69-year-old Philadelphia doctor who performed abortions was charged by prosecutors on Wednesday with the murder of seven newborns who were killed with scissors and of a female patient who died of an overdose of anesthetics. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office said Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a family practitioner who had not been certified in obstetrics or gynecology, oversaw a medical practice that regularly performed late-term abortions. On at least seven occasions, babies born alive during the sixth, seventh and eighth month of pregnancies were killed by having their spinal cords severed with a pair of scissors, District Attorney Seth Williams said in a statement.

A grand jury investigation found that although complaints about Dr. Gosnell and his Women Medical Society clinic in west Philadelphia had been made to a variety of government health and medical licensing officials for more than 20 years — including about the deaths of women during routine abortions — the doctor was never officially sanctioned. Most of Dr. Gosnell’s patients were low-income immigrant and minority women who were administered anesthesia on a sliding pay scale, the district attorney’s office said. The medical office also reused unsanitary instruments and allowed unlicensed employees, including a high school student, to perform abortions and to give anesthesia to patients. Prosecutors said Wednesday that a search of Dr. Gosnell’s clinic had turned up bags and bottles that contained aborted fetuses. “Jars containing the severed feet of babies lined a shelf,” the statement said. also covered this story.

MSNBC also covered this story.

– deborah


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