BREAKING NEWS – 5 Bay Area Clinics are CLOSING!

As of February 28, due to lack of funds, Golden Gate Community Health is closing 5 abortion clinics in the Bay Area.  On March 1, GGCH posted an official press release  on its website citing finances as the reason for closing its doors. Last August, Planned Parenthood removed their name as well as their funding from this affiliate claiming gross financial mismanagement that consisted of 7 clinics in San Francisco, Sonoma, Marin, Alameda and San Mateo counties.  Golden Gate Community Health leaves behind a legacy of tragedy and poor ‘choices’.  In 2003, Eighteen year old Holly Paterson died due to complications a prescription of  RU-486 from a Planned Parenthood Golden Gate Facility.  In 2005, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate produced an animated cartoon, ‘Super hero for Choice’  which depicted an African-American woman as a super hero who shoots pro-lifers with a gun filled with condoms.  Once the pro-lifers are covered with a life-size condom, they are disintegrated bringing great joy to the ‘Super Hero for Choice’.  The video also portrayed a man teaching abstinence to a group of teenagers as a demeaning, ignorant, outdated, superstitious cartoon villain who is then verbally insulted and thrown in a garbage can by the super hero.  There are many other violent acts against those who disagree with the super hero of “choice”.   

In 2007, PPGG also produced  “Safe is Sexy”  TV ads which were too inappropriate to post on this blog and  just a few months later attempted to remove pro-life radio ads that promoted scientific facts of human development.   When GGCH lost its affiliation and funding in 2010, it was inevitable that the five remaining clinics would eventually close its doors. 

Prayer – “Lord, comfort the hearts of the workers who are without jobs, encounter their hearts with Your  love for them!  It is by Your kindness are we lead to repentance. Turn the Sauls into Pauls! Dreams and visions of You!   Let these workers be trumpets for the unborn!  Those who will give themselves for a culture of LIFE! Miraculously meet every emotional, physical and financial need of these workers! Comfort every heart that has been affected by abortion in these clinics!  Speak Your truth of forgiveness and grace to ever mother and father who choose to abort!  Root and ground them in Your love!  In Your amazing love!”

Declaration – “Christ-centered, well-equipped pregnancy clinics will rise up in place of these abortion clinics!  LIFE for babies, mothers and fathers will be declared in these pregnancy clinics!  Encounters with the One true living God will occur in these clinics because ground has been taken for Your Kingdom!  The blood of Jesus is enough to wash away the blood that has been shed in these clinics! Your precious blood is enough!”


September 2003 – Eighteen year old, Holly Patterson, dies of septic poisoning as a result of being prescribed RU-486 (the abortion pill) from a Planned Parenthood Golden Gate facility.

August 2005 – PPGG produced a video, Super Hero For Choice –  LifeSite News reported on the Super Hero video.

 April 2007 – Planned Parenthood Golden Gate releases a ‘Safe is Sexy‘  TV condom ad mocking religion as well as other ‘Safe is Sexy’  TV ads (too inappropriate to show).

January 2008 – Planned Parenthood Golden Gate attempts to remove  Pro-life radio ads.

August 2010 Planned Parenthood Golden Gate loses its affiliation with Planned Parenthood, renamed Golden Gate Community Health.  They close two of the clinics which left 5 clinics open.

February 2011 Golden Gate Community Health closes remaining 5 clinics.

In Christ’s love,



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