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Stand4LIFE California

If you are interested in rallying your city or region in California to Stand4LIFE at abortion clinic(s) in your area, email us at:

Stand4LIFE California website (still in progress):

California is joining Stand4LIFE Florida’s 40 day fast from March 29th – May 7th! Join with us!

Stand4LIFE on May 7th from 2pm – 4pm!


Deborah McCoy

Bound4LIFE Oakland – IHOP East Bay

“The Siege is Here” by Bound4LIFE International

When Bound4LIFE began October 4, 2004, the Lord highlighted Ezekiel 4 to us. The language of the first three verses gave us understanding about what we were being called to. Ezekiel was called to participate in a strange activity and told that it would be a sign to the nation. He was told to lay siege to a figurative representation of Jerusalem. God revealed to him that out of it the siege of the real city would then literally be made manifest. “Set your face against it, and it shall be besieged, and you shall lay siege against it.”

For six and half years we have stood in prayer with red LIFE tape covering our mouths. This stand that began in front of the Supreme Court has now spread to courthouses and abortion facilities all around the nation (and other nations!). This is what we call “The Silent Siege.” For our Spanish-speaking friends it’s “El Sitio Silencioso.” It’s not a protest–It’s a prayer meeting.

What might seem like a pointless exercise to the uninitiated is in reality a powerful stand in both the spiritual realm and the natural. This stand is first and foremost a way to engage God’s people in the spiritual battle that is raging over a generation. In the process, countless believers have now received the Lord’s heart for the ending of abortion, and this is now what fuels their ongoing prayers and works of compassion. Secondly, the LIFE tape is a prophetic sign to the nation that sees it. It has been said that “LIFE tape subpoenas the conscience of the nation,” and we believe this is true. The media has taken the message of the LIFE tape and inadvertently spread it further than we ever could have with a megaphone.

Siege Line

Over the last few years some have asked, “Why a ‘siege?'” We know, it’s a strange word. A little antiquated, but this is the language that God gave us. The point of a siege is to pull down an opposing stronghold or outlast their resources that have been stored up. A siege cuts off the supply lines. Suddenly this word begins to make perfect sense when you consider that supply lines need to be cut off from the abortion industry–supply lines of taxpayer funding, young women seeking abortions, doctors willing to perform abortions, etc. We take our stand and cry out in prayer, “Lord manifest the siege of the abortion industry and this death decree.”

Ezekiel called for the siege of Jerusalem in a strange prophetic act, but then something amazing happened. In chapter 24, the Lord told him to mark the day on his calendar because a real siege had begun on the city. What started in prayer, then actually happened in reality.

On February 4 the New York Times ran a startling headline–“The Siege of Planned Parenthood.” Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, used this headline and declared to her entire email base that they were in fact under siege. I was so impacted by this headline. Who uses this kind of language? It was as though God was confirming to us that what we’ve been praying for all these years has now been made manifest. I marked that day on my calendar even as Ezekiel was told to do.

This siege has come in many forms, but all of them have erupted rather suddenly. The New York Times mentioned the Live Action undercover videos revealing Planned Parenthood aiding and abetting in sex trafficking. Fueled by the illegal activity revealed in the videos, many leaders in Congress are currently pushing to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal level. Associated Press quoted Guttmacher Institute yesterday saying, “It’s just this total onslaught…” in the article “Wave of anti-abortion bills advance in the states. ” The pro-abortion group NARAL tweeted that they are tracking 351 bills in the states related to abortion. In some states like South Dakota and Florida, unprecedented things are happening. By Planned Parenthood’s own admission the siege is real.

If you’re not already, I strongly encourage you to begin to pray for the ending of abortion. This is more than just a good idea; this is the heart of God. I believe that in the place of prayer God will reveal to you His heart for this and any hidden strategies He may have for you. Leave nothing to chance. Don’t wait to see what happens next. Join with God’s heart now and give yourself to fighting for the next generation and the destiny of this nation. Refuse to make peace with abortion. Lay siege to it, and it will be besieged! “A wise man attacks the city of the mighty and pulls down the stronghold in which they trust.” (Pr 21:22 NIV)

Matt Lockett
Bound4LIFE Director

Immediate Needs
For the last two months we have told you about the amazing opportunities that Bound4LIFE has in California. God is raising up the Hispanic voice for VIDA (LIFE), and we believe the entire state will soon see a powerful shift take place. We see much fruit developing from the mobilization and training that we’ve started, but we continue to have big financial needs to move forward with these new efforts. Read what Lou Engle, founder of TheCall, has to say about this:“In my seven years of praying with Bound4LIFE for the ending of abortion, I have never stepped into a harvest moment like we have in California now with the Hispanics. From one month of sowing the message, 31 Latino Bound4LIFE chapters have begun. With finances we could mobilize materials and manpower to sweep California with the Pro-Life message and a firestorm of prayer. I am appealing fervently that those with resources would immediately fund Bound4LIFE in this most pregnant moment of our history.”
-Lou Engle
Contribute Now
Spanish WebsiteI’m pleased to announce the debut of the Bound4LIFE website in Spanish. Just go to and click Español at the top. We will be adding even more pages and information very soon. Also, we’re excited to announce that Vida Bands (Life Bands en Español) will be available in the online store in just a couple of weeks. We’ll let you know as soon as you can order them.This month we want to focus on some amazing things happening in Florida. Did you know that state legislators are presenting in this legislative session an unprecedented number of pro-life bills? We can’t mention any names, but more legislators and officials in Florida are wearing life bands than anywhere else in the United States (About 21 of them). Below is an incredible testimony that comes to us from one of our Bound4LIFE Chapters in Orlando.Last year, 1,800 people stood shoulder to shoulder in front of every abortion center in Florida for the first ever Stand4LIFE event; 1,600 were first-time life activists. Many Christian denominations came together to pray for the ending of abortion in our day.For the last four years, we have faithfully stood as a Bound4LIFE chapter in Orlando. We stand a few times a week at EPOC (the abortion clinic that the film 22 Weeks is based on) and Planned Parenthood. And after many silent prayer sieges, God began to breath a new measure of faith in our hearts. Larry and I were away for our 10-year wedding anniversary, and we happened across a movie called Amazing Grace, about the slavery abolitionist William Wilberforce. While watching the movie, God stirred us to rally Florida to take a stand. And it made sense… it’s in the place of prayer that we are changed. We believed if we could rally the church to stand, God would convict their hearts in those moments of silent prayer.We asked people to come pray and “just see what God would show them.” It was amazing! Pastors brought their churches, and God spoke. Out of that one-day stand, eight babies were saved across Florida, and the church of Florida began to find her voice. New Bound4LIFE chapters were launched, and the pro-life movement in all her many parts was strengthened.For months, when I would run into pastors in Orlando, they would ask me when I was going to plan the next big stand. Our second Stand4LIFE will launch May 7, 2011. Not only do we expect 10,000 to stand across Florida this year, but we just got news the Rio Grande Valley will join us at every abortion mill in South Texas!Maybe you want to stand with us, and even better, maybe you feel the Lord leading you to rally your city or state. God’s heart burns with justice, and so our’s does too. We pray God would raise you up in this hour to influence your entire region. Why not? If not now, when? If not you, who?

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