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“Black and Beautiful” Billboards in Oakland – Press Conference

On June 18th, I attended a press conference hosted by Walter Hoye, founder of Issues4LIFE Foundation about the  Black & Beautiful billboards in Oakland. Ryan Bomberger, co-founder of The Radiance Foundation,  Christina Marie Martin, a writer for Moral Outcry, a Bound4LIFE chapter leader in Atlanta and a part of National Black Pro-life Coalition, Catherine Davis legislative director of  Network of Politically Active Christians and National Black Pro-life Coalition were the speakers for the conference.  Major local news outlets covered the press conference; KGO 7  coverage  and KTVU 2 coverage  and CBS 5 coverage.  Walter Hoye reports that CBS 5 aired one message the first night of coverage and replaced it with a “non-biased” piece.

“Pastors: Here is the new CBS 5 video that replaced their original coverage. CBS feels this is non-biased coverage. Brothers, we need to talk.”  Walter Hoye

We have raw video from the KTVU Channel 2 interviews of Walter Hoye and Catherine Davis.





BET wrote their reaction to the “Black and Beautiful” billboards.

Ryan Bomberger’s response to the BET article.

TooManyAborted -Entertainment truly is the opiate of the people. There’s an epidemic of abortion, fatherlessness, poverty and soaring STD/HIV infection rates, and this is the best BET can do to illuminate abortion’s devastating impact in the black community? As a black adoptee and adoptive father, I created the TooManyAborted.com campaign to expose Planned Parenthood and emphasize life-affirming solutions to unplanned pregnancies.

Black babies are aborted at 3 to 5 times that of the majority population, and “lack of access” and “healthcare disparities” do not explain or justify this. Abortion IS the disparity. The same racist ideology that launched Planned Parenthood, that infused social policies like Jim Crow Laws, still exists today. But BET is too busy wading in the cesspool of much of today’s “entertainment” to be bothered with this destruction.

There is a crisis in the black community and silence isn’t solving anything. In NYC, more black babies are aborted than born (60% of black pregnancies end in abortion). The Radiance Foundation’s site, TooManyAborted.com DOES provide the verification, contrary to Mr. McCoy’s assertion. These tragic stats are directly from NYC State Dept of Health: http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/html/vs/vs.shtml
Abortion affects all of us. Mr. Shelton’s comments about our ATLANTA “Juneteenth” campaign reveals not only his ignorance about the issue, but about slavery and civil rights history. The NAACP has failed the black community and grows increasingly irrelevant. Their continued advocacy of abortion (back in 2004, they publicly endorsed–for the first time– a pro-abortion march in DC, “March for Women’s Lives”) belies their role as the nation’s largest civil rights organization. They have ignored the plight of the most defenseless and most disenfranchised among us–the unborn. This is not just a woman’s issue. It’s a human issue…a justice issue.

The Nat’l Association for the Abortion of Colored People has lost its place of authority. Period. They’re more concerned about glaucoma than 15 million beautiful black babies destroyed since 1973 by the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, and abortion mills that have targeted the black community since abortion was legalized.

Wake up. The epidemic is killing our future, one innocent life at a time. We can no longer be silent.

Ryan Bomberger
The Radiance Foundation

Christina Marie Martin wrote about her perspective of the press conference in Moral Outcry.

Dr. Alveda King mentions the controversy over the Black & Beautiful billboards.

Walter Hoye  reports an apology from CBS, “Pastors: Here is the CBS5 Tweet apologizing for calling our “Black & Beautiful” billboard campaign in Oakland “Blatantly Racist.” – FROM: (@cbs5) 6/23/11 2:00 P.M. TO: @lifehaspurpose – “Our apologies. We wrote this with attribution but inadvertently phrased it wrong on air. You are right to call us on it!” This is why CBS pulled the video off their website. Brothers, we need to talk.”

Rev. Walter Hoye reports that The Black and Beautiful billboards have been mapped on google maps.

Walter Hoye comments on the maps on Google, “Pastors: The forces against our billboards in Oakland are actively mapping their locations. Apparently, allowing the pro-abortion community to advocate for the removal of our billboards (via Op-Ed) and in deference to our side report only on the billboards coming down is a form of journalistic integrity. Still, I believe the prayers of the righteous availeth much (James 5:16). Please pray. Brothers, we need to talk.” Walter Hoye

God has apprehended my heart for the African-American community for a long time, but now the yearning for justice is burning in my heart more than ever.  After the press conference, a documentary called Maafa 21 was shown.   Maafa 21 is a two hour documentary concerning the eugenics roots of Planned Parenthood and abortion in general.  Maafa 21 was hard to watch, just as Schlinder’s list was difficult to sit through, but it was worth every minute.  Maafa 21 revealed the forced sterilization of the Black community here in America as recent as 1983.  Children as young as two years of age were sterilized to prevent the “feeble-minded” race to breed.  A woman who was sterilized at age 13 because she was raped by a neighbor told her story in this revealing piece.  In order to understand the complexities of the issues of abortion and race, Maafa 21 is a must see.

Let thousands of William Wilberforces cry out for justice and mercy!  Messengers who truly see and carry God’s heart for deliverance! Let the Rosa Parks stand up and say, “No more! Not on my watch! No more of my people will die for a lie! Let my people go!” Let the abortionists wake up from their stupor like John Newton, the infamous slave trader who in repentance wrote the hauntingly beautiful hymn,  “Amazing Grace”!  Let the eyes of the modern day John Newtons be open to see the beauty of the pre-born! Let us all work together to see the end to abortion in America!

 “I mean not to accuse any one, but to take the shame upon myself, in common, indeed, with the whole parliament of Great Britain, for having suffered this horrid trade to be carried on under their authority. We are all guilty—we ought all to plead guilty, and not to exculpate ourselves by throwing the blame on others; and I therefore deprecate every kind of reflection against the various descriptions of people who are more immediately involved in this wretched business.”  – William Wilberforce May 12th, 1789 before Parliament speaking about the slave trade.

For LIFE, Deborah McCoy